How to Restore NJ License & Online Fee Payment?

All license users have a time limit on their NJ licenses. Once the deadlines are entirely met, users can start the restore process. You can renew your NJ license online with the help of a few pointers. These days everyone is hoping to get their work done online. The NJ courts also have the power to suspend your license. The NJ MVC is actively working to ensure you can comfortably start to restore your NJ license with online fee payment on


In this guide, we will show you how to do it from home. Users can quickly begin hitting the road once again. 

How to Restore NJ License?

There are only a few reasons why an NJ license will not work. You need to figure out the logic specific to your appointment. The two common ones are as follows –

  • Your license expiry date is due.
  • License suspension due to traffic violations.

These are both a regular occurrence that New Jersey residents face. Any licensed user in the NJ state can attest to these concerns. You can find out which one is the case with a single call to the NJ Motor vehicle commission. The (609) 292-6500 and 1-888-486-3339 numbers are currently operational. Ask about all your queries here and efficiently work things out. The MVC has all the records available just one click away.

How to restore njmc license

You must find out any reasons for the suspension of your license. Users can also request to know the amount of surcharge they have to pay. There is a fantastic website for users to pay this surcharge amount. The call operator is also capable of guiding you on how to make the payments.

If you have a license suspension due to violations of the NJ Municipal court, it can be troublesome. The data is necessary for you to challenge the breach or pay the required fines. The NJ MVC operators can mail the data to your address. You, as the owner of the license, have to request this information specifically. 

Steps to Make Online Fee Payment on NJMVC:

The online fee payment process is quite simple. Users can follow a few easy steps to do this from their home. We recommend that you follow the guide below for the best results.

  • Users have to start by visiting their local motor vehicle commission site. In our case, it is the New Jersey MVC website. You can see by clicking here.

Visit njmc website

  • The first menu on the site is the Driver’s license menu. You can click on this button and select the suspensions and restoration options.

drivers license restoration

  • Select the pay restoration fee option on the web page. It will redirect you to the payment portal on their online site. The people whose licenses have undergone expiration will have to renew it in person.

license Expiration check

  • You can pay the online restoration fee by clicking here. Users have to enter their correct credentials to start traveling again. The details like Zip code, License number, and social security number are mandatory. The fees currently are $100 for restoring your license.
    njmvc online payment


We hope this guide clears all of your doubts about the NJ License process. The DMV visit can be quite stressful, especially in the current situation. Now you can make the payment from the comfort of your home. Quickly restore your license by paying the $100 fee. A recent update has seen an increase in all expirations till the 30th of September.

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