Plead Not Guilty to a Parking Ticket in New Jersey

Parking tickets are a huge problem for everyone when it comes to driving. Many people are getting false charges whenever they are outside. The automation is great for stopping crime, but it is also leading to fake tickets. Most people are unaware of this issue. Now you can plead not guilty to parking tickets at the NJMC portal. The NJMCDirect website helps you to fight the unnecessary fines. The online portal is also great to pay your fines. In this article, we will discuss how you can save your money. 

The Process to Plead Not Guilty to a Parking Ticket:

plead not guilty to parking ticket

The process is relatively straightforward for users who want to plead not guilty. Now you can easily follow the guidelines to save yourself from unnecessary fines. You can appeal the court directly to get a date of hearing. Many people are facing this problem. Usually, the court rectifies the issue within a few days. We recommend that guilty people avoid using this method. The court will verify all the documents to give you a pass. Once the case is put forward in court, you have no control over the decision. It is entirely in the hands of the judge. 

If the court finds you guilty, then the user has to pay the parking ticket in full. You can do so easily from their online portal. Never miss out on attending court if you are pleading not guilty.

Reasons for an Accidental Parking Ticket:

Many people who are not driving for a long time can face false tickets. These are a rare occurrence, but the system is in place to avoid paying unnecessary tickets. Some of the possible reasons why you wrongly got a visa are as follows.

  • People who are getting rid of their old car can be facing this issue. In many cases, you have to revoke the license plate registration. If the new user keeps your registration, then the tickets can come your way. 
  • In some cases, your family members might be using the car. It is better to talk to them before putting in an appeal. 
  • A few technical errors in the ticketing system can also cause the issue. It is highly unlikely that you will face this problem. 
  • You need to keep your driving license and car insurance up to date. 

New Jersey Court Rules:


There are a lot of basic rules you need to know as a resident of New Jersey. These court rules will help you in many cases. We have a complete PDF that has all that you need to know. Here’s the link.

How to search your court case?

People who plead not guilty to the ticketing offense have to attend court. It is compulsory till the verdict is available clearly. You can check the status of your case regularly from the NJMCDirect portal.

njmvc tickets

You can search the issue using your Ticket number, Driving license, Social Security Number, or Complaint number. The two-step process is relatively easy. To visit the link click here.

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